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4 Simple Ways to Help Beyond Red Nose Day

We’re celebrating Red Nose Day and guess what? You’re invited to join us! Comedians, teachers, actors, community organizations and caring individuals around the nation, just like you are joining together to raise funds for programs to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated.

One of my passions is helping children in poverty because I was once in their place. I know what it feels like not to have enough food to eat, I know what it feels like to be homeless, I know what it feels like not to have clean clothing to wear and because I know first hand, I practice giving back and making a difference all year long!

Here are 3 simple ways you and your families can be a help even after Red Nose Day is over.

1. Look out for ways you can help- Whenever the opportunity presents itself in your day - be willing and eager to help as much as you can. Don’t rush pass the opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life. You’d be surprised at how many children and families we can actually help if we look for the opportunity.

2. Connect locally - There are many great organizations you can connect with and volunteer your time or resources to make the lives of children and families in hard times in a little easier. 

3. Live a life of gratitude- Always be grateful and show your gratitude through your daily actions. Nothing compares to serving others with what you have been blessed with.

4.Get your children involved- Most kids these days have way too much of everything. Pick a day to de-clutter the access in your child’s room and chat with them about giving and children in poverty. Maybe the local shelter has a family that would appreciate they toys and stuffed animals. It might make being in a not so normal situation feel a bit more normal.

These are but a few ways to get your family fired up about helping. if you have any suggestions, please share with us in the comment section below, I look forward to your input.

 Mrs. Mae
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