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Finding Balance Challenge

I have to do something! I'm at my wits end! I can't take it anymore! God, please help me! 

These cries have become daily for me and that's not good. I believe that God will never put more on us than we can handle. I also believe God puts us in situations to become better, so I have challenged myself to 62 days of refreshing my life. This challenge will help me to live a more balanced life and bring me into the New Year with a smile and fresh perspective.
Let me say that God has been very gracious to me and I'm ever so grateful. I want to live a productive, abundant life and the only way to do that is to really focus and be more intentional about how I'm spending my time.

So here's my challenge:
1. Delighting myself in God- I spend time with God, but my desire for the next 62 and beyond is to renew my delight in Him; in fresh, new, creative ways - God will show me how to this. I will also be doing scripture art and reading books of the Bible I haven't read before. I’m super excited about this and I look forward to the journey.

2. Exercise & Healthier eating- This for me is a biggie because earlier this year I had my 3rd daughter and I have shed very few pounds from my pregnancy weight. My desire is to be healthy and physically fit, so I have presented this matter to God and I've also gotten myself an accountability partner with whom I will be meeting weekly to discuss goals I have met and areas I need encouragement in.  It is my goal to start off exercising 15 minutes each day for the first week and add 5 minutes to my work out each week. I figure this will help with consistency and to build up my strength rather than jumping into a 1 hour workout routine and getting exhausted by day 3 (been there done that).

3. Practice being present - By present I mean actually engaging and being focused on one thing at a time because I can surely do better in this area. As a mom entrepreneur I have a tendency to "multitask" and I have found that is not always a good thing especially with my kids and husband. Yes there's a lot to do but it’s always a better way to do things, so my desire is to find what will work best for my family.

4. Enjoy the moments - This part of the challenge doesn't need explaining, but my priority in this area is to hold myself accountable to enjoy each day no matter what happens. I will be keeping an Enjoyment Journal and at the end of each day I will write down every moment I enjoyed. This will require determination for sure, but I am up to the challenge!

5. Cleaning and cooking schedule- I currently have a schedule, but now I want to follow through with it, so that I will not feeling overwhelmed by serving my family .

6. Tender, love and care for ME- That’s right! This momma is in desperate need of down time, so I will be getting out and doing things I enjoy without the kids. This is unfamiliar territory for me, but I realize I really need this and it will greatly benefit my family as a whole. I'm looking forward to how God will use this to bless me.

I know I'm not alone in my search for better balance as a mom, so feel free to join me and tailor the goals to fit your need; be sure to keep me posted on how things are going. I will be doing a weekly check in on Friday evenings, so keep an eye out Instagram for updates. 

Cheers to getting things balanced, 
Mrs. Mae
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