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Being a Stay at Home Mom Simply Doesn't Matter

How often have you heard these questions and comments?

- You don't work?
- I'd go crazy at home all day!
- What do you do all day?
- I wish I had it easy like you!
- Don't you get bored?
- Why didn't you get all that stuff done today?
- You just play with the kids all day?!
- Why are you tired?

I don't know about you but
I've been a stay at home mom long enough to have heard all the nonsensical questions and comments, yet every now and again it shocks me how undervalued being a mother really is. When did being a mom become so underrated and when did staying home with your children become appalling to society! Being a mom whether working or stay home is ALOT of work! It's gotten so bad, even moms are turning against other moms - we all pretty much have the same struggle and we all need a vacation from time to time. So where did all the judgement come from? I don't know, but one thing I do know is that it's beyond ridiculous!

I can only speak for myself, but I work all day long - cooking, cleaning, homework, laundry, play dates, running errands, keeping up with every one's needs - while trying to keep up with my own, cleaning again, teaching the kids,  potty training, building a small business and all that entails, staying on top of my hunny do list and oh did I mention cleaning -- all while not even having time to pee without an audience! I'm also the last one to go to sleep at night, but I'm  not complaining in any form, I'm simply suggesting that maybe everything moms do to keep the family afloat actually matters! I think mothers are the bomb and raising the next Godly generation is important and shouldn't be taken lightly, over looked or depreciated.

So, next time you see a mom, please skip the insensitive questions- smile, commend her and maybe start up a conversation, even If it's short because she's probably in need of a little adult conversation anyway. 

Mrs. Mae - stay at home mom since 2007 and still going strong by the grace of God!
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