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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, there my name is Willie Mae, but you can call me Mrs. Mae! I am the owner and lead instructor of The Imagination Laboratory. Thanks so much for stopping by,  I’m absolutely ecstatic to have you join me as I blog out my passions and  thoughts. Feel free to read more about who I am and what I do here.

You may be wondering, how this blog came to be …
This blog is a BIG leap of faith for me and its name came to me in a time of great sorrow. Everyone I thought I could rely on left my side and at the time I was going through many trials; then one day I was sitting on my bed crying out to God and the chorus from this song I use to like a long time ago, by New Edition, came back to my remembrance ...

                                 “Sunny days everybody loves them but tell me can you stand 
                                    the rain? Storms will come this we know for sure can but 
                                       you stand the rain?"- Can You Stand the Rain (1988)

How timely where those words, at a time when I felt deserted. I found myself humming this chorus often and God heard my hearts cry because one day out of the blue, I was washing dishes and God said, I will stand will you through it ALL-- I will stand with you and because you have accepted my son Jesus, every day for you is a Sunny Day! That moment gave birth to this blog! How awesome is God to come and meet me right where I am and stand with me --FOREVER! I tell you, there is truly no one like my Father and for that I’m forever grateful and I am exceedingly blessed to share with you and your families.

Now that you’ve got the oh so serious back story, you are probably wondering what in the world I will be blogging about. Here you’ll find a variety of topics that I love writing about, including but not limited to my adventures as a mom entrepreneur, faith, traveling, parenting, preschool, expert interviews, devotionals, product/movie reviews, printables, recipes, kid friendly crafts, nifty tips, family activities and so much more! So grab your favorite drink, take a seat and dig into all this blog has to offer! Feel free to leave a comment or two and invite a friend to subscribe, after all the more the merrier!

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